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Combining over 50 years of industry experience with the latest developments in court building technology, Agile Courts delivers sporting facilities with the best quality materials and the very highest levels of workmanship in the industry today.

Agile Courts was founded in 1972 by Bruce Bauer who believed he could build better tennis courts of higher quality than what existed at the time. Since then, Agile Courts have built over 7,000 courts across the globe serving as a true testimony to Bruce’s drive and determination and our commitment to delivering the very best sports courts in the world!


Today, Bruce has been joined by the younger generation of Bauers who share in his passion and help to continue the legacy he started. As our specialist court knowledge has grown, so has our reputation for a multitude of other sports courts, including pickleball, padel, basketball and a range of other speciality courts. Over the years, Agile Courts have worked extensively in the Caribbean, forming a base in Antigua that has enabled us to establish long-term relationships with local governments. We offer our expert guidance on the best types of courts to stand up to each island’s uniqueness. We’re familiar with the challenges the islands face; understand the intricacies of duty and customs and how to get the materials to their destination quickly and efficiently.


Agile Courts has offices in Antigua and Miami  with warehouse distribution close to all shipping points in South Florida for the Caribbean.

Our Team


Agile Courts has grown to become the family-run success that Bruce originally envisioned. All our employee’s work side by side, taking pride in their work, with “Quality Still Exists” as our motto and  #1 goal.


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