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Building courts to meet the demand of one of the fastest growing sports in the world! AgilePadel has been designed specifically for the Caribbean and is built to last.

Agile Courts introduce the AgilePadel court, designed specifically for the Caribbean and to meet the South Florida Hurricane code. Our purpose-engineered courts provide our clients with the most durable, corrosion resistant padel courts on the market.

Agile Padel

  • Highest level of corrosion protection available.

  • Designed by professional engineering team. 

  • 100% Exceeds South Florida hurricane code: Stronger than Aluminum Courts, withstanding over 275km/km. 

  • 12mm tempered glass as standard.

  • Strength without obstructing viewing or taking away aesthetics.

  • Customizable branding on court corners and net.

  • Any colors available. 

  • Specifically designed texturised Padel Turf available in Red, Blue, Green with FEP certificate.

  • (8) 200 watt LED and 26.000 lumenes Lights per court.

  • 10 year warranty with certificate.

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Meets & exceeds South Florida Hurricane Codes

Tennis Match

Court Renovation

Agile Courts can help you repair & resurface your old courts, leaving them as good or better than new. Our quality repair and resurfacing is carried out by our skilled professionals, using the latest technologies, to breathe life back into your courts. We believe the courts you play on are fundamental to the enjoyment of your game and are here to help you upgrade, restore and refresh your old courts to improve your game experience.

Tennis Practice

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Tennis Racket and Ball

Agile Courts offer a comprehensive stock of accessories to help you make the most of your court and maintain it for years to come. From windscreens, goals, nets, net posts, water removers to customized products, our warehouse is fully stocked and ready to ship.



Fencing & Lighting

Helping you to design professional fencing and lighting solutions that allow maximum visibility, without compromising the elements of the game.

We provide our clients with fencing and lighting that not only looks good but also exceeds the requirements of the South Florida Hurricane Codes.

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